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Premium Green


Introducing our Premium Green Kratom – a powerful yet balanced botanical experience created with the best green vein strains Southeast Asia has to offer. This special blend brings together some of the most sought-after regional strains into an unparalleled kratom powder.

We have carefully curated a synergistic blend of Green Boyan Kratom from the lush jungles of West Kalimantan, the invigorating Green Jongkong from the Jongkong district, the stimulating Green Kali from the forests of Kalimantan, and the rare Green Putusibau from the remote regions of Putussibau.

Each strain contributes its own unique alkaloid profile, flavors, and effects to this premium green kratom powder. Experience the enhanced mood, concentration and motivation of energetic Kali Green. Take advantage of the calming relaxation and pain relief of Green Boyan. Benefit from the energetic stamina and immune support of Green Jongkong. And explore the unique alkaloids of Green Putusibau.

Our unmatched sourcing and meticulous blending ensure you’ll feel full-bodied synergy and consistency in every perfectly dosed serving. Whether you’re a kratom connoisseur or just starting your botanical journey, our Premium Green will impress and delight you.

This small batch kratom powder is 100% natural, vegan, and responsibly sourced from indigenous kratom farmers. Experience the bright and lively effects of green kratom with our Premium Green blend today!



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